About Me

March 2016 ยท 2 minute read

I’m Chris Berg, enterprise technologist and consultant. I was born in Maryland and traveled the USA for 6 years in my early twenties – setting in Washington, then Minnesota. This site documents current projects and musings.

Fun Facts

Long form

I’m a traveller, aspiring farmer, technology enthusiast, and constant student.

I’ve never had a personal page on the Internet. Although I created my first public-facing website in 1995 (for Edgar Allan Poe) and started making paid customer sites shortly thereafter. With that site the entire world was at my doorstep. Within a year I had teachers and readers from South Africa e-mailing me about the site I made over my 28.8 dial up connection. I was hooked on the web.

As a teenager I got a job making websites and later programming web applications for several local contractors. What started as a way I spent my nights and weekends had become a job and later a career.


Started with HTML, got into Linux in 1995, and since then have made a career doing everything from software development to database and systems administration, network security, and performance. I do love technology.

and many other random things that may be on my LinkedIn.

This site

As someone who worked a lot with WordPress at different times in my career – I don’t want that for my site. I loved the web when it was fast and simple. If you’re displaying text - why do you need so much complexity? Enter Hugo. A static site generator that works with simple Markdown. So I spend my time writing text and can deploy changes with one or two commands. Finally back to the simplicity of the early web.

If you can’t tell, I love apps that are built as static sites using dynamic data from external sources.